Poachers at the Manx Classic Trial 2011

Well the Poachers on Tour team set off to the Isle of Man again this year I arrived a week before  the other 6 as I wanted to watch The Modern 2 Day Trial and the Manx  GP. A lot goes on on the island during the week of the racing

As with most years we all have our bikes in bits before we setff  this year things got a bit out off hand, I had my bikes head and barrel off for a Re-bore and Richard and Mike had there engines completely apart for major rebuilds 

Why do we do that? Just before a big trial ?

Weather turned out a bit damp, with some rain during the week but it wasn’t too bad.

The Friday before the trial Mike Clay, Gary, Richard ,Maggot and Mike G  and not forgetting Sid and his lad Graham arrived 

Went to sign on ready for Saturday and off we went to the pub Mike Clay went back in to What if?  Mode again

Day of trial weather was very wet and it rained for most of the day, we had a earlier  start number  than last year so not as late away on the Saturday.


The course was approximately 40 miles of road and track.

Gary had a big off on one of the wood trails and we thought he had broken is thumb but he carried on after it took five of us to get his bike out of the woods, it was a big drop but luckily a tree stopped him and is bike going a long way down. True Hero! He was in a lot of pain?

When we got near Sloc corner the fog got very thick but lunch stop was very welcome top up camel backs and hot cup of tea !

I had a bit of a problem with the Clutch slipping on the big climbs, so we had to strip and remove a clutch plate and then all was well  except I forgot to nip up  most of the screws holding the case on and ended up using tie raps to hold  the case on , no problems after that.

Started about 10.30 am and finished about 5pm it’s a long day  Checked bikes out for Sunday start as the start numbers are reversed and so it was an early start.

But that’s tomorrow so off we went to the pub for something to eat and a one or two drinks!!

Early to bed at 2am, and woke up Sunday morning 7am, then headed off to the Grandstand for the start. The weather was a lot dryer and the course is a bit harder on the Sunday 

Worst  part is windy corner gully just one big bog, I think we all got stuck at some point.

Also the very long drop though one of the forests certainly got the arms pumped up!

2 sections at the Rugby club and we all finished very tired.  

Well what do you know…. the Rugby clubs  got a Bar so more beer

Thanks to Graham, our support lad, he was always there when we needed fuel  A big  thanks from all of the team . 

Another late night and soon came Monday morning and time to go home, the wind had got up a lot and so the ferry crossing was a bit ropey.

Ride of the weekend must go to Sid on his Little Bantam.

The weekend passed very fast but we all had fun.


Truffle Pig