South Elkington Results

We are pleased to post the results from Sunday’s trial, 38 riders rode the 8 sections over 5 laps, set in the wooded plantation on the outskirts of Louth.

In the Expert Class, Pre-Unit big bikes ruled with Andy Webbe and Mat Mison returning clean sheets along with Two Stroke Expert Robin Cobb remaining clean all-day David Pattison rode the Inter route to be the only rider staying clean in his class. On the Clubman route David Hird tried to swell the numbers of clean sheets to 4 but a dab on section 4 spoils a near perfect ride.

To help with the administration element of our events it works better for me to have riders pre enter for the trial if at all possible, nevertheless if you are unable to pre enter I will always have a few  blank entry forms with me and we will never turn any rider away on the day.

Thank you to Steve Walters, Mick Burnett, Andrew Clibbery and Steve Turner who allowed me to tag on to the end of their group, it made for a very enjoyable day.

Our next event is at Wrights Farm North Somercoates on the 7th of November, I will be posting the entry form early next week and if any rider can bring along an observer that would help as we are aware that we will be missing some of our regular observers on that date. MG