18th April Trial Rider’s Confirmation

18th April Trial at Biscathorpe Park , dear Rider, welcome back to our first trial for 2021, we are pleased to let you know that we have managed to secure your ride from the cancelled Christmas Trial.  We are sorry that some of you have not been able to join us, but we do look forward to seeing you at our next event.  We will be running this event under strict AMCA Covid Aware Guidance, (a separate sheet is included for you to read prior to the event) and we will still be riding the whole event in groups of 6 riders.  We will be marking out 10 sections which will be ridden in rotation over 4 laps = 40 sections.  Your group will start at the indicated section as per this confirmation.  Group leaders are at the start of each group.

Section 1

M Francis – D Pattison, M Spencer, M Ash, J Flower, D Pykett

Section 2

M Gallagher – D Frow, S Lockley, F Waite, M James, S Walters

Section 3

G Dawson – M Grant, D Pickering, N Walker, P Nicholls, A Cooke

Section 4

H Allen – M Allen, T O’Connell, S Witting, R Brookes, S Smith

Section 5

J Middleton – A Bibby, A Marin-Andrew, G Ferriman, C Darlow, T Davison

Section 6

M Dawson – R Gowler, J Hamblin, M Sanderson, M Mison, K Walters

Section 7

P Kirkby – S Fewster, N Street, C Smith, G Martin, N Neave

Section 8

D Hird – A Armson, S Hewson, G Lockley, K Witting, D Pearson

Section 9

G Cannon – C Bacon, A Webbe, P Wilson, S Cordon, G Shaw

Section 10

T Wright – S Turner, A Clibbery, M Burnett, R Sumner, J Patrick

Observers for the day will be – Richard James, Dave & Brenda McGregor, Brian & Chris Smith, Mark Boswell, Bill Kirkwood, Janette Blythe, Jean Witting and Ian Wilkinson, who we thank for giving up their time to allow us our days riding.