First event for 2021

We are pleased to announce that we plan our first Club Trial for April 18th at Biscathorpe Park, subject to no changes in the planned Covid 19 rollout. As most of you are aware we had to cancel our Christmas Trial due to lockdown restrictions and we had quite a full riders list that had made their payments, we have now published a list for you to download as a pdf below that I think covers all the riders that had entered and made their payments direct to the clubs account.

It was always our plan that we should give these riders priority to riding our first event for this year, so attached is a list of what we think is the current situation. If any of you can’t ride on the 18th April, will you please email me and let me know. Email me to with your bank account details and I will arrange to credit your account with the £15.00 entry fee for Christmas.

If you are one of the riders that had entered but hadn’t paid, please don’t send any money yet, but just confirm that you would like to go onto the list for Biscathorpe. MG