South Elkington Riders Confirmation

Thank you for your entry for our 4th Covid19 Trial, your entry has been accepted and we look forward to seeing you at South Elikington, LN11 9RU on Sunday morning, 10am start time.

With the re-introduction of the 50/50 Inter Route, Expert and Inter riders have now been allocated new riding numbers, it is vital that you change your number that is already on your bike and collect your new number at signing on this DOES NOT apply to clubman riders, you can keep your green backed original number that you have already been issued.   Your number is listed below and that will be your number for the rest of the year when you ride Poachers events.

You can now make your bacs payment for your entry fee, using your name and new riding number as a reference.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday….start time/riders briefing is 10am prompt.