Poachers 2nd Covid Trial – Smiths Farm 16th August 2020

We are pleased to publish our Entry Form for our 2nd Covid event at Smith’s Farm on the 16th August.  I have had discussions with the AMCA to provide us with a simplified version of an online entry system, but as yet nothing has been formalised.  So, for now we will have to use the original format.  You will find 2 versions of the form, one an editable word document and the other a PDF version, so you have a choice on which to fill in and email back to me.

From the feedback that we have had the group riding system worked particularly well, which has allowed us to stay within all the laid down guidelines, so we are pleased to let you know that we are increasing the rider numbers to 48 for this event (8 groups of 6 riders), which will be on a first come first serve basis.  Please remember that if you were issued with a number at our first event, this number must be used throughout the year and is your responsibility to make sure the number is displayed on your bike.  If you did not ride at Biscathorpe but are lucky enough to have your entry accepted for Smith’s you will be issued with your number on the day.  Under no circumstances should you make your payment until I have emailed you with confirmation.

The start time will remain at 10am which allows a short rider briefing and a little bit of practice time at your designated start section before the 10.30am start.  Entries need to be in no later than 11th August, but bear in mind the places will probably fill up fairly quickly. MG