Ledgerwoods – Walcot Results

Ledgerwoods – Walcot Hillside

It was good to see an increased number of entries (41) for Sunday’s trial and we were very fortunate to have a full complement of observers, so a big thanks you to Brenda, Jean, Ian, Mick, Errol, Brian, Christine and Ian for making the journey to Walcot. 

We think it has been over 10 years since Poachers held a trial at Ledgerwoods, this linked to some localised down pours on Friday and Saturday certainly had an effect on the 3 stream sections observed by Errol section 5, Brian section 6 and Chris section 7.  Errol and Chris’s became increasingly difficult as the day progressed with water being dragged up the rocky streams.  The first 4 sections in the wooded area didn’t cause to much concern for most of the entry, but intermediate riders on the hard route on section 2 and 3 found them quite tricky with no inter rider having 5 perfect visits.  We hope that all the riders enjoyed the new venue, but perhaps we need to find slightly more eased routes for some of the clubman options.  As a club, I think we need to perhaps look again at some of our options to encourage new riders.  We think it is a great venue and plan to include it in next year’s fixtures and thank you all for your positive feedback, especially Gary Ferriman and Mick Burnett who were the lowest scoring riders on big bikes on the inter route.  Errol, David Hird and myself were responsible for setting out on a mainly dry Friday, so we would welcome any feedback.  As mentioned on the results page, our next trial at Goulceby in September is a non-championship event, so perhaps not as demanding a venue and sections. MG