Trials News + Walcot Dates


Our next championship trial is at Nettleton Bottom on 21st July, postcode LN7 6TB and as always, we will have routes for Expert, Inter and Clubman riders.  We hope to set out 8 sections that will be ridden over 5 laps.  It is a good venue with a variety of sections set out on the steep hillside overlooking Caistor and the event is open to both members and non-members.  We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Just to bring you up to speed on Ledgerwoods and other club developments, we had some disappointing news recently that we have lost the use of the land at Benniworth Haven, we hope this is only temporary.  We had a date set for the 3rd August for a Saturday afternoon training day and trial, unfortunately, this must now be postponed and we will try to sort out another date for later in the year.  On a very positive note, when we had to cancel our camping weekend due to the bad weather we asked the landowner to check alternative dates, he has now come back to us with Sunday 4th August for a single day trial and we have agreed to this.  So, this will be classed as a championship event that will take the tally up to 7, when you have completed that trial, with 2 to go. 

With Walcot being a large venue, it would be good to increase the section count from 8 to 10.  To do this we have to be sure that we would have enough observers, if you could let us know at the Nettleton trial if you can bring along an observer for Walcot that would be really helpful as we would like to get the best out of the venue.  See you all on the 21st. MG