BBQ Big Bike Easy Trial – 18th August

The boys are setting out again….  After such a successful Saturday afternoon trial at Benniworth Haven last year, David and Harold have agreed that it would be a bit of a challenge to improve on last year, but they will give it a go!

The club will be providing a free BBQ for riders and observers, which will be expertly cooked by Graham Dawson.  Hot and cold drinks will be available, but if you want a can of beer, you will have to bring it yourself.  The trial will consist of 8 sections, with just 2 routes, Expert and Clubman, with the emphasis of the day being enjoyment.

As previously the proceeds of the event will go to Andy’s Children’s Hospice, which is the clubs designated charity.

So, the Saturday afternoon event will be a good starter trial for anybody wishing to try classic pre 65 trials, we hope to see any new and all our regular riders on the 18th.

Event starts at 3pm, postcode LN8 6JT. (Mike)

David and Harold Photo