Biscathorpe Results and Awards – 21st January 2018

The opening round of the 2018 Poachers Pre 65 championship kicked off at Biscathorpe on Sunday 21st January 2018. It started as a cold and frosty morning but that soon changed to falling snow before the trial finished.

Section 1, observed by Brenda, saw the combination of mud, water and gravel mixed with tight twisty turns and a few climbs to catch a good few marks on each route.

Section 2, observed by Jean, was the familiar sandy weave through the trees, with the experts route climbing the muddy slope and the clubman weaving in and out of the trees it proved to be a section that could easily grab a mark off any rider.

Section 3, observed by Alison, was a familiar face that had received a serious haircut, one of a series of new sections created at Biscathorpe, the muddy slopes proved to ease with every lap, not that anyone thought that would be the case on the first lap!

Section 4, observed by Smiler, was a brand new section with a few trees, rocks and muddy slopes this section looked tougher than it was, but still managed to catch the odd dab from even the best riders!

Section 5, observed by David, was a resurrection of a section long forgotten, a stoney twist through the trees caught all but a handful of riders out on at least one occasion.

Section 6, Observed by Sid, was another section that had received a tidy up and a new step for the experts, whilst it started out as an easy section, by lap 4 the mud had polished up and the marks were dropping as grip was drastically reduced!

Section 7, observed by Ian F, was the familiar “Tarmac” Section, however the course setters had found some new turns which proved to be challenging and took the odd five as well as many dabs!

Section 8, observed by Ian W, was just alongside section 7, again the infamous pile of rubble with twists and turns catching marks from even the seasons of rider (even took me for a 5).

Following the trial, the 2017 Championship awards were held at the Black Horse pub in Donnington on Bain, where trophies were presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class, alongside a number of special awards. We also presented two people with some very special awards.

Ian Fairhead, who was one of the original six riders who founded the Poachers Pre 65 Trials club back in 1988, and still observes regularly for the club, was presented with a tankard and an Life Membership to the club. It is with great thanks from every for Ian constant commitment to the club.

Errol Gowshall, who again was one of the original founding 6, was presented with a number of items, including a framed letter from the AMCA commending him on his 30 years of service to the Poachers Club, alongside this was a crystal plate commemorating Errol’s 30 years.  Errol has, over 30 years, organised the Poachers Trials including setting out nearly every trial, liaising with land owners, supporters, riders, observers and officials. He spends a great deal of hours behind the scenes working tirelessly for the club and myself, the committee and everyone owes a great deal to him for continuing to push the Poachers Pre 65 Trials club forward and making one of the premier trials clubs in the world!

Errol’s wife Carol was also presented with a bouquet of flowers and the committee would like to thank her for her 30 years as results collator for the club. We also presented them both with a voucher for a weekend away.

Thanks to all the riders, observers, supporters and landowner for a great day.

Results are here: Biscathorpe – 21st January 2018