Goulceby – 17th September 2017

A foggy morning greeted the 49 riders who turned out to the Parkinson’s Farm Trial at Goulceby on Sunday, before the trial started the sun had come out and the weather then held off as the riders quickly rode 8 sections over 5 laps.

Section 1 proved to be one of the more tricky sections on the expert route with only 2 riders posting a clean sheet all day. Smiler was as always his chirpy self to offer support (and jokes) to the rider as they weaved up the rocky hillside.

Section 2 was observed by Ali and she kept a watchful eye as the rider again had to face a rocky steep climb.

Section 3, under the supervision of Jean proved a troubling section for some riders with the final loose turn and few choice rocks causing a few dabs.

Section 4 under the close scrutiny of Kev looked to be a challenging section, however the wet mud soon bottom out and proved to be easier than first thought.

Section 5 was observed by Ian, a proved to be a steady and fairly easy section, had the forecasted rain come then this would have been one of the sections of the day, as it was the rain held off, at least until I was washing the bike!

Section 6, watched over by Bill was a nice twisty section with a few rabbit holes to avoid and some loose soil to contend with

Section 7, again would have been a lot worse had the rain appeared, however it proved to be one of the easier sections of the day.

Section 8, observed by Karen, caught even the most experienced rider out of a dab or two, getting too wide soon found the riders trying to enter the rabbit warren by the front door.

Overall a great day’s trialling, it was great to see some riders who haven’t ridden for a while.

The expert route was taken by Robin Cobb on 1 mark, Graham Cannon and Steve Turner shared the top spot on the intermediate route both on 2 marks and Rob Lowe took the Clubman class on 1 mark lost.

Thanks to all the Observers, Land Owners and course setters.

Results are here: Goulceby – 17th September 2017