Grasby – 5th March 2017 – Results

The 3rd rounds of the Poachers Pre 65 Championship saw 58 riders attend the newly acquired Grasby venue.

The new landscape provided a lot of scope for sections and the 8 marked ones didn’t fail.

Section 1, observed by Ian, was a gentle section to ease riders into the day, with a few loose gravel turns and some drops, most completed this with much hassle.

Section 2 challenged riders as they had to descend a steep bank, littered with loose rocks before a tight right hand turn, this managed to catch a few riders out and a handful of marks were collected by Ian’s every watchful eyes.

Section 3, observed by Jamie, was a weaving up and down hill with a cambered ride to exit with most riders managing to keep their feet up for all 5 laps.

Section 4, observed by Bill, was for the experts a tricky uphill climb following by a few tight turns which caught a few marks from various riders.

Section 5, Observed by Karen, was a winding up and down hill, with experts having an extra tight turn and large hill to climb.

Section 6 was a bumpy ride over some fairly large ruts, along with a cambered climb. David was on hand to dish out marks to those that got it wrong.

Section 7, with Jean in the observer’s seat looked far worse than it rode. The drop into the trench, followed by a weaving up and down of the embankment proved easy for most riders.

Section 8, with Brenda in charge of the score sheet proved to be the section of the day, starting out as a simple section, the short rain shower soon changed the dynamics and the final climb became a greasy mess with a few riders struggling to make it out the section clean.

Overall Robin Cobb took the top spot on the Experts route with only 1 mark lost. Graham Holloway and Colwyn Darlow shared the top spot on the intermediate route with both dropping 5. Shay Fowler took the number one position on the clubman route with the loss of 1 mark.

Thanks to land owners, observers and riders for a great day at a new venue.

If you can observe the road trial, please let Errol Know asap.

Results are here: Grasby – 5th March 2017