Biscathorpe – 15th January 2017 – Results

A wet and drizzly Sunday morning greeted riders for the 1st round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trial Championship 2017. The course setters had tried their best to plan for the rain, however the sections somewhat changed during the course of the day.

Section 1 – The familiar section just behind the car park was one of the driest of the day, Brenda was in the observers seat and saw the riders go through the loose sand without too much trouble.

Section 2 – A twisty route through the trees proved to be a good section, with the ground holding up well despite the rain falling from the trees. David managed to grab a few marks from the hard route and clubman riders but the intermediates all cleaned the section throughout the day.

Section 3 – Started as a rutty section and finished as a rutty muddy section, the twist and hill climbs didn’t really improve during the day and Alison took some serious marks from most riders with nobody posting a clean sheet overall.

Section 4 – Having proved to be trickier than expected, this section was altered on lap 2 however Karen still managed to write a few marks on the sheet with only 3 riders escaping with a clean ride throughout the day.

Section 5 – saw the usual rocks and hill climbs come into play, the riders tyres already full of mud with no real way of cleaning them off proved no help with the claggy mud, Mike was eagerly on hand to write down the many marks collected and the laugh at the many riders who fell off (me included – twice)

Section 6 – This was the section of the day, early rider benefited from the hill climb, late riders suffered and by the last lap all that could be hoped for was a 3, however Sid was on hand to practice his 5’s on the score sheet with more of them than any other number.

Section 7 – A welcomed dry and stoney section, observed by Jean, should have been an easy ride for all but even this caught a handful of marks from the Expert and Intermediate riders, clubman riders all posted clean sheets.

Section 8 – Dropping into the familiar pit, the course markers had been kind and kept away from the water, a new entry for the experts and a nice muddy stepped climb all contributed to Bills score sheet as he took marks from all of the riders at least once, some more often.

Overall a tough challenging day was had by all, the course changed dramatically over the day however everyone appeared to be in good spirits and the Chilli and rice at the pub afterwards was well deserved.

Well done to Rob Caunt who took first place on the Experts route, Intermediate was won by Graham Holloway and David Hird took the crown on the Clubman route.

Thanks to all the observers, land owners and riders for the continued supported, see you at Wickenby for more mud, hopefully drier mud than Sundays!


Results are here: Biscathorpe 15th January 2017