Benniworth Haven – 27th December 2016 – Results

A cold and frosty morning welcomed the riders, observers and spectators to Benniworth Haven, the sky was clear with the sun shining for the Annual Poachers Charity trial.

The course was set out with a fun ride in mind, with 8 sections and 5 laps to be completed.

Section 1, observed by Jamie was a familiar section, albeit in reverse, the chambers and turns proved easy enough for Experts with only a handful of marks being taken, the clubman collected a few more dabs here and there as the day went on,

Section 2, observed by Ian, was again a familiar section with a few different climbs in to what is expected, again this was one of the easier sections of the day.

Section 3, observed by Brenda was a long twisting section which if rode correctly flowed very nicely but a slight error and it could collect a few marks from even the most seasoned rider.

Section 4, observed by Bill, proved to be one of the sections of the day, the initial downhill and turn back uphill for the experts improved during the course of the day, however the mud pit before the exit up the hill proved tricky. The section took marks of all but one one rider during the day.

Section 5, observed by Adam, looked to be an easy ride through the bullrushes however as the day went on the ground dug out and the grip towards the exit all but disappeared with only a handful of riders posting clean sheets!

Section 6, observed by David, was the other section of the day, early riders struggled with the exit whilst by the end of the trial this seemed easy with most riders escaping clean on the final few laps.

Section 7, observed by Callum’s mum (must make a note to ask your name), was a familiar section, one which is expected to dig out and churn up, however the ground held and the mud bottomed out to make the section an easy rider come the last couple of laps.

Section 8, observed by Jean, proved to be an easy end to an otherwise challenging trial.

Overall winner on the Experts was Rob Caunt on only 4 marks lost, Intermediate class was won by Paul Kirkby on 5 Marks. Alan Marin-Andrews took the top clubman spot with 11 marks lost.

Thanks to all the observers, land owners, riders and spectators.

Results are here benniworth-haven-27th-december-2016, pictures will be uploaded by the end of the week when i’m back at work (with decent internet connection)