Flintwood Farm – 17th July 2016 – Results

A glorious and sunny day met the 37 riders at the picturesque venue of Flintwood Farm.

The cows were moved and the trial started off with a little dew still on the grass in parts but mostly dry and the course setters were nice and left out the water on this occassion.

Section 1, observed by Smiler, was a simple hill climb with a tight twist in the for the experts but even this caught some riders out on the expert route, and a few dabs from the intermediate route who had to ride the hard route too.

Section 2, observed by Ali, was a good test of your brakes and tyres, the steep downhill slopes and turns back up proved to catch a few riders out, the odd rabbit hole also didn’t help and few front wheel found them on the way up.

Section 3, observed by Errol, was in the humps and hollows of the gorse bushes, riders had to work hard to keep the bike upright and their feet on the pegs. Marks were easily lost here if you got even slightly out of line.

Section 4, observed by David, was a familiar section, albeit slighly modified. Other than the odd rider dropping off the ledge this proved to be one of the easier sections.

Section 5, observed by Jean, proved to be an easy section for the clubman riders with only 1 mark lost from all the riders. The experts however had a harder chanllenge with only a few riders posting a clean sheet.

Section 6, observed by Ian, was the regular hillclimb, the clubman had a straight up route, whilst the intermediates and Experts had a couple of kinks to navigate first. The dry condition helped but the section still claimed a few dabs, especially from the Inters.

Section 7, observed by Bill, proved to be the section to beat with only 3 experts posting a clean sheet, and the Intermediates and Clabman faired better with only a few marks lost overall.

Section 8, observed by Mike, was a familiar section around the gorse bush however a few marks were gathered from all routes as the greasy turn soon caught a few out.

Overall Mick Grant took the Expert win with a clean sheet, Tony Wright took the top spot on the Intermediate route with only 4 lost and Gary Ferriman took the Clubman win with a clean sheet.

Thanks as always to the Course setters, Observers and Land Owner.

The next trial is on the 17th August at Benniworth Haven and will be set out for Big bikes, so if you have one in the garage, this would be an ideal time to bring it and try it.

Sorry there are no pictures from this Trial, however the gallery is now upto date and the Results are here: Flintwood Farm – 17th July 2016