Nettleton, 15th May 2016 – Results

A bright sunny morning greeted over 50 riders who ventured to Nettleton for the latest round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trials Championship.

Section 1 was a mixture of grassy turns and a bit of rubble and rock to catch the rider out for a few dabs.

Section 2 was the familiar grass rut hill climb, with the experts having to tackle a step up before joining the narrow ledge, with a tight turn to finish, this proved one of the easier sections of the day with only a handful of riders dropping marks.

Section 3 caught a few riders out on the first last, especially on the expert route with the early riders missing a pair of flags, me included!

Section 4 was one of the deciders of the day, it was all brakes on going downhill to then turn back over a rut, with the experts dropping into a narrow bumpy gully, this caught even the top riders out with only a few experts managing to post a clean sheet.

Section 5 saw the riders tackle the marshy tuffs of grass with the experts dropping off and back onto the ledge, clubman riders had to drop for the final exit however most riders managed to post a clean sheet.

Section 6 wound it way round some tree stumps and then sent riders on the expert route along the roots and up the hill whilst the clubman had a slightly easier climb up the hill.

Section 7 started as a fairly easy section, however as the day progressed the boggy patch worsened and as the pictures show, caught a few 5’s as people struggled to get up the hill that had become very slippery.

Section 8 weaved its way through the spinney with lots of tight turns and greasy bare soil to contend with.

Thanks as always to all of the observers, organisers and the land owners.

Results are here Nettleton, 15th May 2016 and pictures are in the gallery!