Benniworth Walk Farm, 6th March 2016 – Results

The rain from Saturday cleared and the riders woke to a sunny winters morning for the 3rd Round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trials Club Championship. 45 riders all took on the 8 sections within the pine forest at Benniworth Walk Farm.

Section 1 was the usual twisty cambered route through the trees near to the car park, the experts had to brush trees to ensure some of the turns were manageable but it was certainly cleanable when you go it right.

Section 2 was normally found at the end of the lap however the anti-clockwise route picked meant this was next in line and feature a few extra turns and logs to what we have seen previously. The exit looked tricky to start however this improved as the day went on.

Section 3 was, to start with, a fairly easy section on both routes, however as more riders passed through it, the experts found the ground soft and with little grip just in front of the log they had to overcome, this caught a few out later on during the day.

Section 4 proved to be the section of the day, to start with the going was fairly easy except for the large rut the expert had to cross, however as the day went on the route got worse and the exit back up the hill proved to be a slippery slope and nobody managed a clean sheet on this section on any of the routes.

Section 5 was a different take on the previously used hill climb and to start seemed a pretty tricky section, however as the routes got carved this proved to be a lot easier than expected.

Section 6 was another twisty and tight hill climb with riders zig zagging up and down the hill with plenty of turns to contend with.

Section 7 was the reverse of a previously used section and most riders managed to post clean sheets on this one.

Section 8 was again a tight and twisty cambered section which caught a few riders out but most managed to post cleans sheets throughout the day.

Overall winner was Brent Corden on 1, with Andy Webbe just behind on 3. Intermediate crown was taken by Graham Holloway on 15, with Darren Coupland 3 marks behind on 18. Clubman class was won by Dave Pykett on 17 and David Hird on 19 just behind him.

Thanks to David Hird, Harold Allen and Errol for marking out, thanks to all the observers and the Land Owners.

The results can be found here Benniworth Walk Farm – 06-03-2016

Pictures will be up soon.