Wickenby, 14th February 2016 – Results

The second round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trials Championship was held on Sunday 14th February, a sunny frosty morning greeted over 50 riders to the ever challenging Wickenby Airfield.

The course markers arrived on Saturday to find lots of trees had been removed and the Land Rover club had obviously held a fair few events since we were here last.

Section 1 eased the riders into the trial with a few turns and an interesting camber for the expert route before a climb back out over the mud heap. Most riders find this section one of the easier of the day.

Section 2 had to be changed at the last minute, but proved to be another one of the easy sections for the day, the rocks and bricks didn’t catch too many riders out with only a few 5’s picked up throughout the day.

Section 3 was a familiar brick and rubble section twisting through the trees and snowdrops. This was also a 50/50 section and caught marks from most of the intermediate riders, however plenty of them cleaned it on numerous laps.

Section 4 proved to be trickier than first thought, the clubman route ran along the camber of the mound before turning back up and caught a few marks. The expert route claimed a few marks, especially for those who turned too tightly to come back up the hill and found a rock in direct line of their foot peg.

Section 5 was one of the 3 trickiest sections, the tight cambered turn up a steep slope took a dab or two from even the most seasoned riders, the clubman route was a more gradual climb but this still managed to catch a few dabs.

Section 6 proved an easy ride for the clubman, however the expert route had a challenging hill climb to exit the section with very little turning space at the bottom to get lined up.

Section 7 was in the old settling tanks and took the riders up over some old ruins of a building before a few turns to exit. This proved to be one of the easier sections although a few marks were still gathered by the watchful eye of David Cobb

Section 8 proved to be the section to beat for the day on the expert route, the tight turns at both the start and the end caught at least 1 dab from every rider, the clubmans had it a little easier but only a handful posted a clean sheet on all 5 laps.

Overall, as always Wickenby is a very challenging place to ride, the ground unfortunately has changed over the years which is making marking out more difficult, however I think most people enjoyed the day.

Jez Bray took the top spot on the expert route with only 1 mark lost all day, Graham Holloway took the intermediate class on 11 marks and Mick Nicholson took the honours on the clubman route on only 2 marks lost.

Well done to all involved, pictures are in the gallery or on Facebook. Thanks as always to the Observers, Land owners and Clerks of Course.

Results are here:Wickenby – 14th February 2016