Biscathorpe Pit, 17th January 2016 – Results

Over 50 riders turned out for the first round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trial Championship 2016 at the ever versatile Biscathorpe Pit. The weather was frosty but sunny and the event also saw a large number of spectators arrive to watch.

Section 1 was the familiar route through the trees just on the road side, the sandy incline proved simple for the experts but caught some of the Clubman riders out.

Section 2 was right around the quarry and up to the top for a greasy section starting with a ride along the side of the hill before turning to come back up, the section soon cut away and marks were easily lost if concentration lapsed for even a second.

Section 3 was in the snake gully and was similar to previous events, entering the section via the pre grooved rut, the rider had a sharp right before making their way down the rocky gully before emerging up the bank to exit.

Section 4 was definitely the deciding factor of the day, the pond side local provided the perfect setting with Allison and Smiler on hand to offer support (and some laughs). Trying to get back up the bank side once a lap had been done proved difficult and most riders hoped for a 3 to try and save at least some marks.

Section 5 winded the riders through the trees before heading up muddy bank to exit, it managed to catch a dab or two out of even the most experienced riders.

Section 6 was the familiar “Tarmac” section, which again caught even the most season rider, the expert route taking the rider up one of the mounds only to turn tightly back down caught some marks, then the route looped through and over the rubble pile before the tight turn to exit.

Section 7 was the ever interesting rubble pile in the car park, a tricky first turn for the experts along with a puddle to finish proved to catch a few marks for Brenda’s ever watchful eyes.

Section 8 was in the bottom and featured trees, hills and mud, all the ingredients for a great section however the route didn’t deteriorate and most riders came away with a clean sheet.


Thanks to the land owners and of course the observers.

See you all at Wickenby on 14th February 2016 for Round 2.

Results are here 17jan16 (002)

Photos are in the Gallery, and some more can be found here courtesy of David White