Benniworth Haven, 27th December 2015 – Results

A large crowd of both Riders and Spectators turned out on a sunny December morning to see the Poachers Pre 65 Trials club host thier second Charity trial.

The overnight rain certainly livened things up for the riders, and i’m sure the spectators enjoyed a few good crashes.

Section 1 was a familiar section however this time in reverse, the slippery slopes proving tricky early on, however by the end of the day this section had improved to save a few precious dabs, only 2 riders on the hard route managed a clean sheet all day.

Section 2 had the riders twisting up and down throught trees and along the cambered bank, with even the top riders being caught out for a dab or 2.

Section 3 proved to be one of the sections to beat, with a fair few riders towards the end hoping that anything other than a five was a bonus, the wet ground soon turning into something more like a loughed field and no rider managed to post a clean sheet all day.

Section 4 was the river section, again in reverse this time, however it proved to be a great section, which was still proving tricky on all routes.

Section 5 looked to be a tricky section on the exit, however after the tyres had a good wash throught he pond the hillclimb out proved to be fairly easy for the majority of riders.

Section 6 saw the riders weave though the trees with some cambered riding on the expert route to catch even the most seasoned of riders.

Section 7 again saw the riders weaving through trees along the cambered bank with only a handfull of dabs from a few riders this certainly gave the field a chance for an easy ride before the next section.

Section 8 was the other section to beat, the grassy bank on the exit fo the expert route soon turned to polish mud with only 3 experts posting a clean sheet all day.

Overall Rob Caunt won the Expert route on only 5 marks, Jez Bray came in Second on 10 and Mick Ash completed the podium on 12.

Andrew Frith took first on the intermediate route with onlu 12 marks with Andy Abraham second  with on 17 marks, Graham Hollaway took thrid place.

Roger Squires took the top podium on the clubman with only 12 Marks lost, Dave Pykett was second with Trevor Taylor in Third.

Thanks to all the observers and Land Owners and we wish you a very Happy New Year.

Photos are in the Gallery and the Results are here 27dec15