2nd Charity Trial for December

Poachers Pre 65 Charity Trial – Sunday 27th December

Poachers Pre 65 Trials club host their second Charity Trial for December on the 27th, which is the Sunday after Boxing Day at Benniworth Haven, situated just off the B1225 Caistor High Street (postcode LN8 6JT).  The venue offers climbs on and around a tree planted stretch of disused railway embankment, with the possibility of a couple of stream sections at the end of the course that are used on the NBBC Poachers Bag Championship Trial.

The event is open to all British Pre 65 Solos and non-club members are welcome to join us. Start time is 10.30am and signing on closes at 10.15am. Complimentary mince pies and hot drinks will be available at the start.  All proceeds from this event are to be donated to our local Children’s Hospice. MG