Withcall Results

The final round of the Championship was held on Sunday 22nd November at Smiths Farm, Withcall.

The morning started frosty and the committee decided that 4 laps would be more than enough, especially considering the observers in the cold weather.

A two mile lap met the riders with a variety of sections along the old railway line

Section 1 was the familar start to the Poachers bag trial and didn’t really prove tricky to the riders on any of the routes.

Section 2 took the riders in the woods for the first of 3 sections, the twists and turns along the cambered bank with a few logs and tree roots to add into the mix. Clubman and Intermediate riders faired well however the section caught out some of the Expert riders, even taking a few fives.

Section 3 was again in the woods and a tighter section for the experts, however most riders eased throught the section with minimal effort.

Section 4, which was kindly observer by Mike Gallagher who gave up his ride so everyone else could enjoy the trial, was a fairly easy section for the Clubman and Experts, however the Intermediates were challanged on the expert route.

Section 5 was at the other end of the farm and alongside the railway track, a twisty ride along a chambered bank, with an extra climb for the Experts proved to look worse than it actually was and most riders posted a clean sheet.

Section 6 proved to be tghe section of the day with only a handfull of Experts cleaning the section on at least one lap. Smiler was on hand to provide his ever enthuastic support!

Section 7 was the high climb and drop back down the side of the railway banking. The extra turn for the experts caught a few marks

Section 8 was across the field and the familar hill climb through the trees which again looked worse than it was.

The Expert route route was won by Brent Cordon, Mick James and Rob Caunt all posting an impressive score of 4. Colwyn Darlow took 1st on the Intermediate route with the loss of only 6 marks and Alan Marin-Andrews and Gary Lockey taking joint first on the Clubman route on 8 marks.

Thanks as always to all the observers and Land Owners.

Photos courtesy of Bill Haynes can be found in the gallery

Photo courtesy of George Gilroy can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/30088896@N04/shares/8btqp8

Results can be found here 22nov15