South Elkington – Results – 18th October 2015

A bit of rain overnight soon cleared for a dry, if not slightly windy autumnal morning which saw over 40 riders arrive at South Elkington for the Penultimate round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trials Championship.

Section 1 was a familiar dry loose section weaving down the sandy hill and back up again. This section proved easy for most riders with only a handful dropping a dab or two.

Section 2 was a nice weaving section over one of the mounds, the expert having tighter turns to try and catch a few out which it proved to do.

Section 3 again was a twisty turn up and down the side of the hill and managed to take marks from most riders.

Section 4 was a windy route with some tight turns for the experts including the final turn before a tough climb up a greasy slope, only 3 experts posted clean on this section.

Section 5 again took in some greasy hills and proved easy for the experts only taking marks from 2 of them.

Section 6 was probably the tightest section of the day and easily caught out even the most experienced riders on each route.

Section 7 certainly improved as the day went on, the dry hillclimb eventually developed a line to follow although work was needed to hang on to the bike, only 2 expert posted a clean sheet.

Section 8 proved a relaxed end to the lap for most riders on each route.

Well done to Robin Cobb who completed the day with a clean sheet, with Rob Caunt close behind with only 2 dabs lost.

Alex Russell posted a commendable 14 points on the intermediate route with Andy McGill closely behind on 20.

Roger Squires completed the Clubman route with only 1 dab lost, whilst second place went to David Hird on 6 marks.

Well done to everyone and thanks again to the Landowners and Observers.

Results are here South Elkington – 18-10-2015 and the pictures courtesy of Bill Haynes are in the Gallery