Flintwood Farm – Results – 20th September 2015

The Poachers Pre 65 Trials club converged on the superb location of Flintwood Farm for another round of the 2015 championship.

The weather was perfect and sunny, and the ground covered in dew making the sections somewhat slippery during the first part of the day.

Section 1 saw the riders tackle the first hill climb of the day, the clubman route taking a direct route up with the experts having the drop down again before turn back up towards the end.

Section 2 was further down into the field and with clumps of mud and grass catching a large proportion of riders this was certainly a tricky one to master on all routes.

Section 3 proved to be the easier section fo the day, perhap the risk of falling off into the prickly gorse bushes sharping the riders minds.

Section 4 was the section to take the most marks, with even some of the top riders dropping the odd 5. The drop down the slippery hill followed by sharp turn back up causing some concern with Robin Cobb loosing his only mark of the day on his 3rd lap. Luckly most riders took a comical view of the 5 being dropped. The clubmans route proved easier with most riders cleaning the section on the majority of the laps.

Section 5 was modified as this proved risky for the clubman riders however most on the expert route posted reasonably low scores.

Section 6 was another hill climb, the clubman taking a direct route and the experts following a kink before aiming uphill. This caught a few riders out, even some of the experts posting an unusual 5

Section 7 proved an easier rider for the clubmans route whilst the hard route collected some good points on the turn both at the bottom and top of the banking.

Section 8 again collected some surprise marks from all classes, with only 3 experts posting a clean sheet.

Overall a well done to all who rode, Robin Cobb excelled on the hard route only dropping 1 mark, whith his nearest rider dropping 17, on the intermediate route Alex Russell finished on 35 with Aron Taylor close behind on 37. Kevin Ladley took the Clubman crown with only 3 marks lost, with Roger squires behind him having lost 6.

The committee didn’t mark the trial out any different to any other trial, we always try to challenge all riders on each route, however this trial proved to be more challenging however we hoped you enjoyed it non the less.

Results are here: Flintwood – 20th September 2015, unfortunately no photos as I was observing so didn’t get chance to take any.

Also the Championship Standing BEFORE Flintwood are here: Poachers Championship Positions Sept 2015