Benniworth Haven Results – Saturday 15th August

35 Riders ventured out for a Saturday afternoon trial at Benniworth Havenon Saturday 15th August 2015 for a relaxed non Championship trial. The weather was great however some water was found just to make sure the bikes needed a washed when they returned home.

Section 1 was a familiar route through the trees on the railway embankment, the hard route having to scale to the top, whilst the Clubmans weaved along the bottom. The experts all cleaned this section without any dramas.

Section 2 proved a more challenging section for all classes with even the best riders dropping silly dabs.

Section 3 again took silly marks from all classes, the hard route first turn on soft mud meant grip was lost just when it was needed to return up the hill. The final ascent up the dry slope proving easy for most riders.

Section 4 was the section of the day, dropping down the hill, the experts had a tight tricky turn between 2 trees and over some roots to navigate before making thier way back up the hill. The clubman having the same route although a wider turn assisted them.

Section 5 was cleaned by all but one rider (although his bike was playing up throughout the day) on all of the routes

Section 6 observed by the ever amusing Smiler was the one that got the bikes mucky, and caught a few riders out for silly marks.

Section 7 was a drop down and around a tree with a littel kink on the route back up for the experts with all but 2 riders posting a clean sheet for the day.

Section 8 was another tree and roots sections with a final turn up the hill. This sectioned managed to catch out a few riders as a slight miscalculation on the final turn making the exit a very tricky one.

All in all a nice gentle saturday afternoon trial with only 5 experts posting a clean sheet.

Thanks to the observers for thier continued support

Pictures from the day are in the Gallery courtesy of Bill Haynes

Just a reminder the venue for the next trial has changed and will now be at Flintwood Farm.

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