Benniworth Walk Farm – 19th April 2015

49 riders gathered in the pine woods to start another round of the Poachers Pre 65 Trials Club Championship, although it tried to rain the weather held dry and the wind was soon forgotten in the dry woods.

Section 1 eased the riders intothe trial with a twisty run trough some trees, with a slight climb to exit the section

Section 2 proved to be more difficult, the tight turns on dry sandy ground caught out even the most experience riders

Section 3 included some nice turns on the dry hillside, the final corner on the expert route caught most out with nobody posting a clean score all day on either route. The section definately improved during the day.

Section 4 was one of the score seperators of the day, the tight turn at the top of the climb catching out many of the riders (including myself) and the following drop down and tight left turn on loose sandy soil again collected marks. Only two riders made it clean through on the expert route.

Section 5 was manned by the ever delightful Smiler, proved an welcome releif for the expert with many riders posting clean scores, the Clubman collected points from many of the riders.

Section 6 proved easier than we have seen from this section in previous years, the course markers were kind and kept the section out of the usual muddy rut, although marks were still collected by all 3 routes.

Section 7 was the other score seperator for the day, with nobody posting a clean sheet on the expert route. The tricky left turn on a slippery bank certainly improved as the day progressed but for those who slipped further down into the bottom of the ditch were lucky to escape with a fighting 3. The clubman route avoided the mud but still managed to catch some rider out.

Section 8 improved as the day went along and the twisty turns through soft ground proved an easy ride for the experts but caught a few out on the other 2 routes.

All in all a good day, only 2 riders managed to post a signle figure score but to me that proves a good trial and the results are below:

Benniworth Walk Farm – 19th April 2015

Pictures from the day can be found in the gallery.