Mick Andrews Training Day

On a baking hot Tuesday, seven Poachers riders ventured over to the Mick Andrews Training Ground at Berrycliffe in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales to have a go at tackling obstacles that they are not normally used to riding. After some basic instruction, Mick set out on a tour of the grounds and found a group of sections, which our riders would previously not have considered possible, but with confidence instilled by Mick our seven saw their abilities improve dramatically. Kieran Millington had some impressive rides on downward slopes and rocky climbs as the photos depict and he benefitted from a little one-to-one from both Mick and Mark Francis. A big thank you to Jason Storr, Phil Fensom, Smiller Hutson, Pete Kitching, Mark Francis and of course Mick Andrews for a great day. After a de-briefing at the Miners Standard it was suggested that another Training Day would be a good idea and if anybody would like to be included please have a chat to me at the next trial and I will give you all of the information. MG.

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