NBBC Prize Giving Info & Championship Standings

NBBC 4th Round Prize Giving Info

14th July is the date for the 4th Round of the Rock Oil / Classic Dirtbike Northern British Championship hosted by Yorkshire Classic Club, starting from the Guide Inn at Cullingworth.  As most of you are aware, the success of our series has attracted new sponsors for this year and we were very pleased to have support from Wulfsport presenting 6 sets of their riding gear to be given to a rider from each round.  It was decided we would choose the winners by way of a draw based on their riding numbers and we will be presenting the first 3 sets on Sunday to the following competitors:

Poachers Bag Rider No. 68     –   Neil Buckley

Midland Classic Rider No. 56 –   Chris Haigh

Reliance Cup Rider No. 38      –   Bob Baker

We hope to present the final 3 sets at the last round, The Waterside Trial.  The Wulfsport Clothing is a great prize and we wish the winners well who wear it.

On a slightly different topic last year we had a batch of t-shirts and calendars printed that formed part of the award for completing each round, we still have a few t-shirts and calendars left which we hope to be able to offer for sale at Sundays Trial.  Both items are excellent quality and we would like to put any monies raised from sales back into the championship funds, so if you didn’t get a shirt or calendar in February see either Mark or me on Sunday.  Also available is the up-to-date Championship Standings after 3 rounds, its very close in most classes with 3 great rounds to go.

Thank you for your continuing support and we will see you on Sunday.MG

NBBC 2013 Classic Dirtbike – Rock Oil – Championship Positions after 3 rounds

NBBC 2013 Classic Dirtbike – Rock Oil – Championship Positions after 3 rounds.pdf