Benniworth Walk Farm Results.

(21apr13 click  for results).    62 Riders tackled 5 laps of 8 sections for the Clubs 3rd round Championship Trial, as always with this venue a couple of sections were responsible for the majority of marks lost and as ever boggy conditions on the lower side of the course for sections 6 & 7 were the deciding sections on the Expert and Inter route. Clerk of course Errol actually modified section 7 for the Expert and Inter riders after 1 lap due to deep holes appearing in the mud between tree roots, which in most cases meant that you could get away with a hard fought 3, Mick Ash, Matt Mison and Shane Lockley rode the section particularly well showing that it could be done for a single dab on each visit, which ultimately saw Mick Ash taking the laurels and winning the Expert route for 5 marks lost, Shane Lockley also on 5 and Matt Mison in 3rd place on 7 marks lost, which was no mean feat on the big Matchless. On the Inter route Steve Fewster had a great ride, being the only Rider to finish on single figures, Club-man riders fared a little better in the marks lost with Dave Pykett on the BSA Bantam stealing the show and just creeping into double figures, closely followed by George Middleton, Pete Kitching and the “Mansfield 3” who are all riding very well at the moment. It was good to welcome again some new faces over to the wolds, in particular Mick James on the big rigid BSA riding the inter route looked very much at home with the conditions. We hope to see you at our next Trial, which is the 4th round Championship at Smiths Farm on the 19th of May