Yorkshire Classic – 8th July 2012

Yorkshire Classic MCC

West Riding Trial Northern British Bike Round

Report : Neil Anderton

This years West Riding Trial sponsored by PJ1 Oils and Classic Dirt Bike , the 4th of the Northern British Bike rounds and organized by the Yorkshire Classic Club, attracted an entry of 81 riders , the best entry so far for this 35 mile road trial. Set in the heart of the Bronte country it visited some of the best trials land in this part of Yorkshire.

The weather was looking good, after the previous weeks heavy rain, the surrounding fields though were still waterlogged. The start was at the Guide Inn Cullingworth where breakfasts were being served to those who required a bit of extra sustenance to see them through. This obviously did the trick for Class 3 leader and overall winner Jimmy Noble who remarkably went clean and runner up Mick Clarke on a miserly two dropped on the climb at Manywells farm.

The first group of sections was at Luscombes Farm where the familiar gullies didn’t present any real problems. The next group was Manywells Farm at Cullingworth where three sections awaited the entry. They were all very slippery the second and third sections being the real mark takers. Section two needed some thing special to clean it and three riders duly obliged. Noble and Clarke on their Ariels and Cub mounted Class 8 winner Eddie Aitkin did the impossible and went through unscathed. Only five cleaned sub section three, the maestros from section two starred again along with Chris Gascoigne and Phil Clarkson who managed to find grip when their wasn’t any.

Lumb Waterfall had four sections of which three were in the stream. Apart from the above mentioned class winners only three other riders cleaned all four sections and these were the Cub mounted trio of messrs Quinn, Cockshot and Macdonald. Similarly in the tightly contested Clubman class only four managed to keep a clean sheet on the eased route with Jardine, Bilton , Cooke and Livingstone stepping up to the mark..

The river sections at Town End were slippery but riders got away with the odd dabs with none of the class winners having any trouble. The first section of two at Pinnacle was a steep grass banking which was affected by the soggy conditions. Many attempts ended in failure as the approach to the climb was at an angle with riders trying various approaches which resulted in either cleans of fives. The second sub was a steep path over a rock slab which caught out a few riders including Rigid Class winner Graham Howes on that lovely BSA who took an uncharacteristic five.

The final group at Lord Lane had four sections all fairly easy with the final one climbing the hillside in and out of a wall on the camber to the end cards. Most coped with it particularly the early numbers but Eddie Aitkin lost his only marks of the day here when he had a five which cost him the clean round.

The trial was probably the best yet in this area and the Yorkshire Classic Club provided six out of nine class winners on home ground. Thanks go to Colin Pawson and his team as clerks of course, the band of Observers and finally the event sponsor the Old Spot Brewery Cullingworth whose complimentary bottles of beer for all riders helped make it a great day out.


Class One Girder Fork Rigid:

A. Webbe (Rudge) 10 marks lost.

Class Two Telefork Rigid:

Graham Howes (BSA) 21, Gary Marshall (TRW) 26, Chris Bacon (BSA) 43.

Class three Pre Unit Springer:

Jimmy Noble (Ariel) 0, Mick Clarke 2, Dave Emmott (Triumph) 7.

Class Four Vintage Two Stroke :

Colin Fray (Dot) 8, M. Dawson (Bantam) 20, Neil Anderton (James) 23.

Class Five Two Strokes:

Carl Winstanley(F/B) 11, Phil Clarkson (James) 13, Richard Thorpe (James) 14.

Class Six Unit Machines:

Andrew Scott (Cub) 6, Mark Quinn (Cub) 11, R.Turner (Cub) 12.

Class Seven Clubman:

S. West (Cub) 3, J. Jardine (James) 5, Tony Bilton (C15) 6.

Class Eight Specials:

Eddie Aitkin (Cub) 5, Duncan Macdonald (Cub) 13, Keith Hobson (Cub) 17.

Class Nine Pre Unit Clubman:

Brent Cordon (AJS) 6, Mark Francis (AJS) 6, Steve Rayner (Matchless) 10


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