Poachers Camping Weekend

Poachers Pre65 Trials Club.

A few happy campers rolled up on the friday in preparation for the annual Poachers Camping Weekend. The weather looked somewhat wet and the course was set out as such. Expecting more rain, the officials made the course easier for the saturday trial, little did they know that more rain would fall over Friday night and Saturday morning causing the sections to prove a lot more difficult than planned. The first lap of Saturday saw 28 riders head out in the drizzling rain to find the sections reasonable. By Lap 2 the sections had changed and some proved near impossible, especially for the few newcomers who turned up to have a go. Plenty of muddy bikes and muddy riders ended the trial after 4 laps. Our Chairman came out on top overall dropping only 23 on the hard route, Dave Pykett scored an equally impressive 8 on the Clubman.

Following the trial Errol heald his annual Guinnea Gallop, only a hand full of riders tried the course, some multiple times, with Stuart Witting coming out on top. The riders managed to make it round the course, some getting wetter than others. The Fish and Chip van soon arrived and everyone left had a warm supper and few beers. The awards were presented to hardy few who remained, and a cheque was presented to the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust representative (Me) for £1,600 and eventually a bonfire was lit for the even hardier ones who camped! “Those Yellow Logs don’t half burn well!”

Sunday morning saw the weather improve and the 3rd round of the Club championship ensued with 49 riders, Mick Ash having a clean day on the hard route, while Pete Kitching won the Clubman Route loosing only 2. Stuart Witting Dropped 4 to claim the intermediate route win.

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