May 13th 2012 – Smiths Farm, Withcall

Poachers Pre65 Trials, 2nd round of Club Championship at Smiths Farm Withcall, 13th May.

With the potential threat of increasing bad weather and a wet parking area in the valley bottom at Withcalls usual stream area it was decided between landowner and club officials that the dryer southern embankment side of the farm would be a safer bet to use for Sundays event. Luckily both the rigids that entered passed scrutineering! And 53 Riders set off to tackle 5 laps of eight sections to what effectively was a trial of two halves.

Sections 1, 2 & 3 were set within the grassy banks of “Hills and Hollows” a group that feature in the Poachers Bag Road Trial and gave no serious problems to the majority of the riders on either three routes, thanks mainly to the sunny day. Sections 4 & 5 and the continuous sub of 6 & 7 set within the wooded banks were quite a different story. It was these 4 sections that were the mark takers. Using downward slopes and cambered climbs between the trees it didn’t seem to take long for a few nasty set of tree roots to appear and spoil your day, so much so that on the Expert route on section 7 nobody recorded a clean! Two Stroke expert and Trial winner Mick Ash opted for a long dab at each visit, content to save a potential 3 or 5 being added to the score sheet. Section 8 took the riders back towards the starting area for what historically has been Section 1 on the Road Trial but with a slightly different variation on the exit to the end flags which racked up a few first lap fives from a handful or so riders but it didn’t take long for section observer, Mrs McGregor to put them right to their misdemeanours.

The entry was well split between the 3 routes and we hope to post on the website the Club Championship positions after each round, please read the notes on the last page of the results about the next event, thanks again to all observers and riders for what we hope was an enjoyable day.


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