Poachers in Scotland

Monday 7th May 2012 – The day started with Andy washing and polishing his Ariel ready for it’s new owner, Graham decided to go for a ride on his Trails push bike, which turned into an epic feat which nearly resulted in the breakfast reappearing. Mike, Pete, Mark and Syd went for a walk to relax. We all then headed to Lagnaha to find it raining but some superb sections with some looking as if they were riding to work whilst others really struggled, certainly not something to try on a pre 65 bike! Now all sat in the Clachaig with a nice pint and ready to order some Haggis! We hope the poachers have had as good a day at Cadwell as we’ve had.

Sunday 6th May 2012 – Day 2 of the trial ended with Davy Morewood not having a single dab. An epic achievement if you’d seen the sections. Our boys did ok with Syd losing 173 marks on his Rigid Bantam and Andy loosing 124 on his Ariel, which will now reside in Scotland with it’s new owner, Andy Frith did well to finish on 102 marks. All the boys survived the day and finished within the allocated time so a big well done to them. The day was finished with a few pints and some whiskey back at the digs. Today we’re heading to Fort William to have a look around parc ferme for the 6 day. Pictures will follow, as we can’t upload these from mobiles.

Friday 4th May 2012 – The day started cloudy but still warm enough. The two riders were up bright and early and Mary cooked us all a stunning breakfast to set us up for the day. Syd arrived at the scrutineering too be told his rigid bantam wasn’t eligible as it had a 4 speed box, apparently this isn’t allowed, so he’s now classed as a two stroke twin shock!. 5 Spanish riders were disqualified also for modern parts. News in the pits puts David Morewood on zero, James Noble on 1, Scott Dommott is on give as is Chris Gasgoine. Our two boys aren’t fairing so well,having had more fives than they can count on their fingers.

Mike and Graham observed a rather dull section but had the best view in Scotland and probably the hardest approach to a section!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Thursday 3rd May 2012 – woke up to another glorious sunny day, time for a fry up.

Which self indulgent committee member has managed to get multiple photos of himself in the programme?

13.24 – sun still shining, had to resort to the tailrace inn to get out of the sunshine and to stop Andy taking about Ariels!! Still waiting for the others to arrive, plenty of people arriving and the camp site is slowly filling up.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012 – Andy McGill, Syd & Graham arrived to find Scotland basking in glorious sunshine, clear blue skies and 22°c heat.

Currently sat in the Laroch Bar, more to come once the rest of the committee arrive

We have been speaking to the organising committee who are looking at finding a suitable section, with a layby to accommodate Mark Francis’s tea stop. Free cakes will be on offer. Tea must downed in 1 to avoid a penalty