March 25th – Poachers Bag

AJS/Matchless Poachers pre65 Trials Club.


Sunday 25th of March saw 93 riders all on British pre65 bikes converged on Smiths Farm Withcall for the opening round of the Northern British pre65 Championship, sponsored again by Classic Dirt Bike Magazine & PJ1 Oils.

The event consisted of 37 sections over 7 groups within a lap of 21 miles over farm tracks and B roads in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds. Early morning mist had almost cleared as the first riders were flagged away at 10am; by 11am as the last riders left the farm the sun was out for what was the first day of British Summer Time. Although Lincolnshire is facing a hosepipe ban due to drought conditions, mud was definitely a deciding factor in the day’s results.

The event was divided into two half’s with a tea stop after the 5th group at Biscathorpe, this gave the observers a chance to relocate for the second half of the event which proved to be much higher scoring than the morning session. The trial moved to Biscathorpe Park for the opening group, section 22 a stream crossing with a muddy cambered exit proved to be the tough one. With marks taken from 90% of the entry, most of those being 3s & 5s. Event winner Whitby’s Colin Bailey was really on form after shedding just 2 marks fairly early in the trial at “Railway Line” he was determined to keeps his feet firmly on the pegs and was one of the expert class riders to produce a clean. Also showing how it should be done were Pre unit class winner Mick Grant and Two stroke winner Shane Lockley. Equally showing great form on the slightly eased Clubman route  was Andy Webbe who recorded an impressive clean on his Girder fork Rudge, other cleans came from Rigid rider Chris Bacon and Pre unit Clubman rider Brent Cordon who went on to win the trial on the Clubman route of a commendable 3 marks lost.

With Biscathorpe Park behind them riders hit the Tarmac for a short run to Benniworth Haven for 3 sections, the last one, section 27 having the sting in its tail for this group. Comprised of a series of turns through a Grassy Bog set close to a stream, it punished all but the most determined, with the majority recording paddling 3s. Colin Baily added a commendable single dab to his score here as did local Pre unit rider Mat Misson who was riding the event for the first time.

Back on the road for the final leg, with two sections at Wellsdale to restore confidence it was back to Withcall valley for the final 8 sections. Set around the woods and steams the final location made a perfect end to this traditional Road Trial. A gentle wooded climb between trees on section 33 again proved to be the mark taker in this closing group, the soft ground at the cambered exit soon dug out, resulting in a hard worked 3 or a disappointing 5. Exceptions to the rule on the expert route were Norman Shepherd and Richard Thorpe who recorded the only two cleans of the day, leaving the section with a single mark on the score sheet were Messer’s Emmott, Scott, Bailey and Martyn Stanistreet who was having a great day on the little rigid James completing the trial for 14 marks lost on the expert route!

Concentration had to be held for the double stream sub of sections 34 and 35 with a nasty set of wet tree roots on the exit, then a steady couple of sections to take riders back to Holm Farm. Definitely hats off to everybody who work hard to make this a very successful event and to Colin Bailey, back on a pre65 bike on dazzling form

The co-ordinators would like to thank all the riders for making the journey over to Lincolnshire for what was a great opening round of the 2012 series.

Mike Gallagher, 29th March, 2012.

Final class winners Expert

Unit Expert & Trial winner; Colin Baily 4marks lost.

Pre-unit Expert winner; Mick Grant 7 marks lost.

Two Stroke Expert winner; Shane Lockley 9 marks lost.

Final class winners Clubman

Pre-unit & Clubman winner; Brent Cordon 3 marks lost.

Girder fork rigid winner; Andy Webbe 4 marks lost.

Pre-unit Tele rigid; Chris Bacon 9 marks lost.

Vintage Two Stroke; Graham Holloway 8 marks lost.

Clubman; Andrew Cooke 8 marks lost.

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